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RARs are a bitch, and VASTLY ILLOGICAL in this context. Movies and other large files are generally split into chunks for Usenet so that one download going to shit doesn\'t bork an entire 700MB+ stream. Torrents are already transferred in \"pieces\" (check that section of your beta BitTorrent client with the custom skin that is completely pointless, yet utterly 1337), and so it\'s not important if one peer fails to deliver a complete chunk.

Your claiming that this AVI in un-RARed form would waste bandwidth just proves how stupid you are. When you downloaded and decompressed it, what happened? Oh, that\'s right: The cumulative RAR file size of 713MB shot ALL THE WAY UP to ... 716MB. That\'s because this (and just about all movies on here) are already compressed. If WinRAR could really compress them much further, then you could be sure that WinRAR would be richer than a shitmonger on sloppy joe night.

I for one was glad that this was RARed so that I could waste all my HDD bandwidth decompressing it for 5 minutes rather than download that extra 3MB at 30mbps. Damn, that extra 2 seconds or so of my life would have been a waste -- the WinRAR progress bar was so much more entertaining.
— Comment on thepiratebay.org about a film that came in dozens of pieces of rar files.

I have nothing to add, other then maybe that  the film was CC licensed.
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